The Century Park area in Edmonton is full of plenty of things to see, do, and experience. With South Edmonton Common Mall, and the Southgate Centre close by for any of your shopping needs, boutiques, restaurants, parks, gyms, schools and entertainment, you will have anything you need right at your doorstep. 

With the Louvre Residences just steps away from the Century Park LRT station, travelling into the city for school, work, and fun couldn’t be easier. Use our interactive map below to see what awaits you in Century Park!

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Experience Living at The Louvre Apartments in Century Park

Living at the Louvre Apartments in Century Park provides you with plenty to see and do, and easy access to the core of the city. Life in Century Park is peaceful, yet entertaining.  On top of all of the amazing places to go in the community, our building offers many features and amenities that you can take advantage of right at home. 

Get in touch with us today to book a tour of our suites and see what it is like to live, laugh and Louvre.

Neigborhood Features

Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre is one of Edmonton’s premier recreation centres. All ages and abilities are welcome to get together to learn, exercise, unwind, socialise, and have fun. There is an aquatic centre with a saltwater pool with eight 53-meter lanes, one and three-meter diving boards, and a five-meter diving platform, as well as a saltwater leisure and wave pool with spray features, saltwater lazy river and waterslide, saltwater tot pool, and whirlpool. There is also a fitness centre with cutting-edge equipment, a 206-meter indoor walking/jogging track, a flexi-hall with three full-sized gymnasiums, four NHL-sized ice sheets; and a children’s wing with an indoor playground and child-minding services.

Drop in activities at the Terwillegar Community Recreation centre via move and learn include:


Fitness Centre Schedule

Whether you’re training for strength, endurance, flexibility, competition or fun. The fitness centre is comprehensive and offers everyone something.

Gymnasium Schedule

Gymnasiums are available for badminton, pickleball, basketball, table tennis and more.

Indoor Playground Schedule

Enjoy an indoor playground, where kids can race through a two-story play structure while they climb, slide, hang, and play catch.

Group Fitness Schedule

Get fit with fitness classes led by your favourite instructors.

Live Active Mixer Schedule

Mix it up! Try a new class at our Live Active Mixer. Led by expert certified Group Fitness Instructors in a safe and friendly environment.

Lane Schedule

Individual lanes available for lane swim, water walking/jogging and individual wellness movement.

Public Swim Schedule

A recreational swim for all ages. Disturbed water or waves and additional amenities may be available.

Tot Pool Schedule

A recreation swim in a warm shallow pool designed specifically for younger children.

Aquafit Schedule

Aquafit is a fun and energetic aerobic exercise class that uses the water for resistance.

Hot Amenities Schedule

Facility amenities to warm you up!

Swim Training Schedule

Professional swim coaches will help you improve your swimming skills, speed and endurance.

Learn more here.

Try the Mactaggart Sanctuary 2.3-km loop trail near Edmonton, Alberta. It requires an average of 32 minutes to finish and is typically regarded as a moderately difficult course. Since hiking is highly popular in this region, you can run into other hikers while doing your exploration. The months of May through October are ideal for hiking this trek. Dogs are permitted, but they must be leashed.

Despite being very short and having minimal elevation gain, this trail can be rather challenging due to its numerous little hills, rough terrain, and wet patches. There are ladders and ropes available to help people traverse any washed-out bridges   Anytime of the year, the trail is worthwhile to visit and it includes several markers.

Mactaggart Sanctuary unmarked parking lot is located off 23rd Avenue’s south side, west of 119th Street. When discussing the city’s green spaces, the river valley is frequently praised, but the hiking paths in Mactaggart Sanctuary are just as deserving of appreciation.


More about this gem

This nature park, which can be found at the confluence of the Whitemud and Blackmud Creeks, offers some graded challenges through narrow trails, with tree roots acting as natural ladders to aid you climb some of the harder inclines.

Although there are loops inside loops, you won’t get lost if you stick close to the creek on the left of the trail system. There are a lot of pink, purple, and yellow wildflowers, as well as wild berries, white, and orange mushrooms, and swarms of dragonflies along the trail.

There are many birds singing, but you have to keep an eye out through the dense undergrowth to see where the tweets are coming from. Starting off above the creek, you will pass a bridge close to the parking area. The road then ascends and shortly parallels a cliff’s edge where reddish water flows.

The trail descends some steep slopes that are difficult on the ankles before arriving to a beaver-built wood dam that turns the creek into a reservoir teeming with ducks.

A morning filled with greenery and the sound of running water can be incredibly soul-stirring. Definitely worth a look.

Try the Twin Brooks District & Nature Park 5.6-km out-and-back trail accessible in Edmonton, Alberta. It usually takes 1 hour and 18 minutes to accomplish this course, which is generally considered as being simple. Even though this is a popular trail for hiking, cross-country skiing, and bird watching, you can still find some peace and quiet during the slower periods of the day. Dogs are permitted, but they must be leashed.

This is a pleasant stroll around a residential neighbourhood where you may take in the scenery, homes, and the whitemud creek. Some sections of the trail might be challenging for small children and pets.


The Pointe, the park’s northwest section, has preserved natural elements typical of pre-urban development.

The District Park was designed as a natural space for casual and passive use with little infrastructure. Its layout encourages a return to nature by offering trails for exploring the many hills, trees, plants, and flowers. It also makes it simple to access the top-of-the-bank trail network that abuts the Twin Brooks neighbourhood along the Blackmud and Whitemud Creek ravines.

Four observation benches with access to the Pointe offer the chance for a more in-depth understanding of nature, reflection, and enjoyment of Whitemud Creek. It inspires families to use imagination to enjoy the park. Activities that are suited include biking, kite flying, sledding, dog walking, hide & seek, running, cross-country skiing, and many forms of nature enjoyment.


Terwillegar Park is located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River at the end of Rabbit Hill Road. This park is ideal for anyone wishing to spend some time outside and take in the scenery because it has numerous multi-use trails and a sizable off-leash area. Additionally, the park contains a 262-meter-long footbridge that connects it to Jan Reimer Park (formerly Oleskiw River Valley Park), which is located on the north bank of the river.

Planning to visit the footbridge? Here are a couple things to keep in mind.


About Terwillegar Park Footbridge

The walking surface is made up of 86 precast deck panels with each panel being approximately 2.64 metres long and 5.3 metres wide. This unique design means the bridge deck is only 46.5 cm thick. Additionally, the bridge is 262 metres long, which is the slightly over the length of two football fields

There is a small drop between the two piers and the abutments that pedestrians and bicycles using the bridge will experience.

The panels are supported by two piers in the river and by 162 separate steel cables that are connected to concrete abutments on either river side. Each panel is installed by a crane hoisting it onto the steel wires and sliding it into place with the aid of a high line.

There are only about 60 bridges in the world that use the stressed ribbon design, making it rather uncommon. Only two Canadian cities—Edmonton being one of them—have built this special kind of bridge. The other city is Calgary’s Fish Creek Park.

The Terwillegar Park Footbridge ranks second in length among footbridges with stressed ribbons worldwide. The 300-meter-longest is in Escondido, California.


Federation Skating Club offers quality learn-to-skate and figure skating for all age categories and skill levels.


Learn how to skate in a upbeat and progressive environment. Skaters are split into groups based on skill level and age.

Intro-to-Figure Skate

Develop the basic figure skating skills in group lesson. Acts as a transition between CanSkate and StarSkate.


Enter the sport of figure skating. Skaters have the opportunity to participate in competitions and/or assessments.


Develop and improve upon the skills required for hockey and/or ringette in a fast-paced and upbeat environment.

Parent & Tot

Learn the basic skating skills for any on-ice sport in a fun and upbeat atmosphere.  A modified CanSkate program which allows parents to assist in their childs development.

Adult CanSkate

Learn how to skate in a safe and supportive environment. Skaters are split into groups based on skill level to ensure all skaters progress.

Adult IFS/StarSkate

For the skaters who are young at heart. Skaters will have opportunities to participate in competitions and/or assessments.


Enter the sport of competitive figure skating. Skaters will have opportunities to participate in competitions and/or assessments.

YMCA has provided opportunities for everyone to grow in spirit, mind, and body. Including group fitness programs, sports and recreation and mental health programs

YMCA Group Fitness

No matter your age or level of fitness, our trained group fitness instructors are ready to encourage you with uplifting music, inspire you with sage advice, and support you as you work toward your fitness objectives. Available classes include


In Aquafit classes, you can get an aerobic workout while also protecting your joints, thanks to the water’s resistance. There are flotation belts available. Classes are available at varying degrees of difficulty in both deep and shallow water.

Cardio Kickbox

With this full-body cardiovascular workout designed to test your fitness, you can kick, punch, bob and weave while learning perfect technique and gaining confidence.

Cardio & Strength

This is a more intense group exercise programme that works your heart out while aiding in strength development. While utilising various pieces of equipment and your own bodyweight, you will develop your balance, speed, agility, and coordination. Every class, your instructor will employ a different drill to test you, such as intervals or circuits.

In this multi-level session that makes use of a range of equipment and provides alternatives for everyone, discover the ideal blend of cardio, strength, and core training.


As you cycle your way to optimal health, test your aerobic fitness. Set to upbeat music, this quick workout takes you through bike drills like hills, intervals, and sprints.

Cardio Dance

A high-intensity, dance-infused cardio exercise class suitable for all fitness levels will shake up your routine. A variety of dance genres, such as Zumba, High Low, and others, are covered in this session.

Tai Chi

Using the meditative martial art of tai chi, you can enhance your range of motion, balance, breathing, flexibility, and mind-body connection.


By putting the many yoga postures and practises into practise, you can keep working toward health, equilibrium, and harmony. Yoga increases mindfulness and breath awareness while strengthening, flexibly, and improving circulation.

See more group fitness activities here.

YMCA Sports and Recreation

The gymnasium or specialty court at local YMCA has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to enrol your child in a programme or enjoy a game of pickleball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or squash.

Children’s Programs

Age-appropriate activity and game practise are emphasised in children’s sports and recreation programmes in order to improve basic movement abilities. Through our activities, kids can gain confidence and competence in a friendly, safe setting.

Court Spaces

YMCA Health and Wellness Centres can provide sports and recreation events for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros, including pickleball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and open gym!

See more sports and recreation activities here.

YMCA Mind and Wellness

Y Mind is a free, seven-week programme for mental wellbeing that helps adolescents aged 13 to 18 and young adults aged 18 to 30 who are dealing with mild to moderate anxiety symptoms. They will study and put into practise evidence-based coping mechanisms at Y Mind.

This programme is run by professional facilitators and offers young people the ability to interact with others who are going through similar things.

See more mind and wellness activities here.

This is a gated dog park with an area for both large and small dogs to play and interact in safety. Take advantage of our 3-acre gated park’s benefits, which include ample of parking for pet guardians. Two play areas in the park are divided by well-maintained page-wire fencing to contribute to the comfort of our canine guardians and companions.

For dogs who enjoy playing and interacting with dogs of all shapes and sizes, big and little, there is the all sizes dog space. There is also a small dogs space for small dogs who aren’t comfortable playing with the larger dogs.

Off-leash dog parks offer a communal setting where people can gather, mingle, and watch their dogs have fun.  Dog parks give pups a place to play and interact with other dogs while allowing owners and their dogs to spend time together. Dogs are territorial creatures and may become aggressive when wearing leashes. Therefore, allowing dogs to roam freely is good for them.

Additional benefits of a dog park to the community include promoting responsible dog-ownership as well as accommodating dogs and their owners in a public open space.

Neigborhood Features

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