Retail Space for Lease in Edmonton

Louvre at Century Park offers five brand new leasable retail spaces.

This prime location offers access to traffic from Century Park LRT and Bus Station, as well as 358 residential units in The Louvre, and almost 600 residential units in the Century Park Condos and Central Tower Apartments.

Envision Your Business in Century Park

Whether you want to open a restaurant, cafe, boutique shop, salon, spa or even a pet shop, Louvre at Century Park has space for you. All of our units are in a prime location with a large amount of pedestrian traffic. All of our units come with access to our building’s loading docks, and come with patio space for outdoor product displays or dining areas in the warmer months. All of our retail spaces feature a strong security system within and around the building, as well as security cameras in the parking lot to ensure your business remains safe at all times. We look forward to seeing your business thrive at  Louvre!

Retail Unit Specifications

3800 Square Foot Unit

Floorplan 3800sqft retail space Louvre

Our building features one corner retail unit which measures at 3800 square feet. This unit features a high ceiling, measuring at 25.9 feet, leaving ample space for a mezzanine to be developed. This commercial space is perfect for a new restaurant with broad menu options, so if you’re ready to bring your culinary genius to Edmonton, then we want you in Century Park!

1400 Square Foot Units

1400sqft retail space at Louvre

In addition to the large retail space, our building also offers four retail units that measure at 1400 square feet. The ceiling is the same height, so these units are also capable of having a mezzanine developed. These units are perfect for boutique shops, cafes & coffee shops, salons & spas, or clothing stores. Since our Century Park apartments are pet friendly, we would love to see a pet store here!   

Inquire About Our Retail Space for Rent in Edmonton Today

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams! We will work with you to build your new business location just the way you want it. If you’re ready to take the next step towards achieving your business goals, then contact us today to discuss our retail leasing opportunities! 

Learn More About Our Commercial Retail Space

A crucial component of your business ’ success is picking the ideal location for your business. Your decision will ultimately depend on the requirements your company must meet and the kind of customer experience you wish to provide.


At Louvre at Century Park, we are aware that the old saying “location, location, location” is true when starting a new business, growing, or moving to a new site. Louvre at Century Park commercial retail spaces is the location in Edmonton. Success will depend on choosing a site where your clients can discover you readily and conveniently while also being able to draw in new customers, regardless of what type of retail business or service provider you are. This prime location offers access to traffic from Century Park LRT and Bus Station, as well as 358 residential units in The Louvre, and almost 600 residential units in the Century Park Condos and Central Tower Apartments.

Your target customers

Louvre at Century Park retail space is accessible to a wide range of demographics. This ensures that you choose a space that allows your target demographic to walk in and view your products.



Security is one of the most important factors to take into account while selecting a commercial location. You want to ensure that the products and assets of your company are secure from theft and vandalism. Check our existing security features, including security cameras, gates, and alarm systems that we have put in place.



We are aware that while having a location with plenty of prospective customers is important, having a route for customers to access your store from the road is just as critical. Customers prefer a retail establishment that provides the most convenience, and our retail space at the Louvre at Century Park makes it simple for customers to enter and exit. Have a look at our commuting patterns, parking space and access to public transportation here.



You’ll spend less time and money selling or advertising your goods and services if a retail location is more visible. Our retail spaces at The Louvre give you the chance to highlight your business.

A key advantage that physical retail stores have over online stores is that it enables a brand to create its ideal customer experience and control it from end to end.


Using physical retail as an experiential touchpoint with your target market can help you differentiate yourself from competitors. The Louvre is the ideal Edmonton retail space for creating the ideal customer experience for your brand.


Additionally, when you sell directly to consumers through your retail store, you have access to a rich catalog of consumer data and feedback that you can use to improve your products, services, processes, and customer service.


When customers feel like you value their opinion and use it to actively make improvements, they’re far more likely to make repeat purchases, sign up for your customer rewards program, recommend your products and services to friends and family, and be your biggest fans on social media. 

Retail spaces can act as a potent form of marketing. Especially for digital-first brands. Opening a retail space can be an opportunity to curate a completely on-brand, customer-centric experience from the moment they walk in.


Your buyers can visit to see the immersive experience that’s on offer, and local customers stop by to pick up orders more quickly than they would be shipped out if they had ordered online.


One of the most expensive ways to generate new customers is advertising. The best advantage of a great location like The Louvre is that you can use what could have been advertising money to fund internal rewards and referral programs — the least expensive way to get repeat business. Every person who enters your store on the basis of location becomes a potential long-term member of your target audience.

At Louvre, Century Park’s premier shopping centre, you’ll find a perfect opportunity to advance your business. Your door to success is here, with five modern retail spaces available for lease in this great location. With a continual stream of commuters passing by the Century Park LRT and Bus Station, your business will flourish.


Your retail endeavour is positioned for success with a captive audience of 358 residents at The Louvre and close to 600 more in the nearby Century Park Condos and Central Tower Apartments. Don’t pass up this unmatched chance to make a name for yourself in Edmonton’s dynamic commercial landscape.

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